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by Jakub Skřebský

Yes, finding a good foreign voice might be difficult. But now that you’ve watched the intro video, you surely have one less thing to worry about, at least with Czech.

We will voice your professional corporate video, a cool e-lerning game, a warmhearted IVR menu or even a cartoon or commercial. We always find the best voice and then produce a perfect voice track for your purposes.

Need your script get translated first, or maybe considering Czech subtitles instead of voiceover? We will take care of that, too.

Just scroll down for some Samples and further down to contact us.

We won‘t let you down.

FREMDULO. A cartoon commercial for a language school. Dialogue with a child voice talent.

MOLPIR. A series of promo videos for an engineering company.

EURES. The European Commission’s employment campaign.

LIVE FIME. Commercial for micro service portal.

B2L. We can also do voiceover in other languages. One of our  native US English talents.

AQUACLEAN. A little bit faster pace for a traditional shopping channel demonstration.

JAMES DEAN FM. We can work with many voices, including kids.

IZOVICE-OTROKOVICE. A promo video commissioned by a major developer. 

BLUEMASTER. Our voice in a sophisticated animation for Kingspan’s Bluemaster tanks.


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